September 18, 2014 7:38 pm

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I Hate You …

I Hate You …

There Is No Normal

There Is No Normal

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  • Weightloss – Where Be You??

    Weightloss – Where Be You??

    Hmm .. Well yes I have no idea where the weight loss wagon is but it seems to have gone missing big time from my life!! I won’t “blame” the anniversary of Samuel’s death as being the culprit but well if you must know, it is November since I last exercised and really watched my intake. And after watching the UK show “Embarrassing Fat Bodies” on tv last night, I have realised that I need to get my butt back on the wagon and get back on with my goal. And my goal was?? Fit by forty!! Well here we are in the last ... Read More »
  • Made A Pledge

    Made A Pledge

  • So Far I Have Lost

  • 1 Million Kilo Weight Loss Challenge

  • Happy 14th Birthday !!

    Today there’s a birthday in our house. Miss Zoe turns 14 years old!! It only seems like yesterday that I was carrying this little baby girl in utero. And now she is growing up in to a young lady. She’s a character that’s for sure!! The weird and wacky things that she talks about… I often wonder where she gets some of her silly thoughts from!! My youngest daughter has grown from this: To this: And there has been plenty of ups and downs in between. Happy Birthday Bella-Bear … we all love you to the moon and back!! cheers ... Read More »
  • 40 Years Ago Today

    40 Years Ago Today

  • 8 years today

    8 years today

  • “The Boys” Are 15 Today!

    “The Boys” Are 15 Today!

  • B1 and B2 – Happy Birthday To You!

    B1 and B2 – Happy Birthday To You!

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