September 22, 2014 8:09 pm
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So…It’s Sunday

And it is a horrible day in my house…..

I often loathe weekends as the children can expect to be taken here, there and everywhere and don not seem to understand that we cannot afford to just do what they want.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to be able to take them out of wonderful family trips, but it is just not possible at this stage.  With petrol being up to $1.47cents a litre and then they’d want food and drink, and anything from home just wouldn’t be the right thing.

I had actually thought about going to an oval with a playground today, but the weather changed that and it has been raining, so we didn’t go, but then I was the worst in the world for not going, just according to one child.

But now the sun is shining – as usual – and there is a breeze outside.

Hopefully the washing will get dry!!

Sunday’s can quite often be a day of hell in this house, and I do often dread them.

There is one child in particular – who shall remain nameless – that really really plays up on a weekend but more so a Sunday.  We have no idea why this is, but this child seems to have a few other issues and has been naughty at school and has been suspended from school twice as well.  And the age this child is, they should know better due to their age.

It makes life very interesting at times and we often live on tenterhooks, not knowing from minute to minute if this child will explode.

I am extremely grateful to be a Mum, but gee sometimes you wonder what one has done to have to deal with the crappy stuff….

Well best go get some potatoes peeled and the pork ready for our weekly roast!!



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